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StambiaMDM SS1

The Stambia MDM solution is the multi-domain, multi-style application used to manage all types of Master Data Management initiatives inside your organisation.

The Stambia MDM is the only MDM solution on the market enabling an agile approach of your MDM projects. In a few days you can build third-party (customers, providers, prospects...) or product (for retail, industry,..) MDM models, as well as RDM (Reference Data Management) projects.

Now, just click on the suitable download link and enjoy with Stambia MDM.

Or, if this is your first time with Stambia, take a look at this article Getting Started



Stambia MDM – Full Setup with Apache Tomcat Version 3.2.1 Download
Stambia MDM - Server Installation Version 3.2.1 Download
Stambia MDM - SDK and API Version 3.2.1 Download
Stambia MDM - Documentation Library Version 3.2.1 Download