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 This article describes the few steps required for upgrading an existing Runtime.

Upgrading in a few steps

After downloading the desired Runtime ZIP archive, proceed through the steps listed below.

We assume your current Runtime is installed into a directory named "stambiaRuntime".

  • Install the new Runtime in a new directory, something like "stambiaRuntime_new"
  • On UNIX/Linux systems make sure that all the stambiaRuntime_new/*.sh files are executable
  • Stop the old Runtime and make a backup
  • Copy the content of the following directories from the old Runtime to the new Runtime:
    • stambiaRuntime\build\deliveries
    • stambiaRuntime\build\packages
    • stambiaRuntime\lib\addons (if you have additional libraries added to the Runtime)
    • stambiaRuntime\properties (if you have set some properties)
    • stambiaRuntime\scheduler (if you are using the Runtime's scheduler)
    • stambiaRuntime\sessions (if you use the Runtime's internal log database)
    • Optionally: stambiaRuntime\temp (if your Processes store specific files intentionnally in this directory)
  • Install the required Jdbc jar files into stambiaRuntime_new/lib/jdbc (do not overwrite the new Runtime's Jdbc jar files!)
  • Rename the old Runtime's directory to something like "stambiaRuntime_old"
  • Rename the new Runtime's directory to "stambiaRuntime"
  • Apply the read / right permissions to the new folder as it was set on the old one
  • If the Runtime is installed as a Windows service, remove and re-install the service
  • Start the Runtime


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